A range of courses leading to Logic Certification qualification in Water Regulations, Legionella Prevention & Water Treatment and Unvented Hot Water Systems.

Unvented Hot Water Systems. This course is aimed at experienced plumbing and heating operatives who require a qualification in the installation, servicing and maintenance of unvented hot water systems from 15 to 500 litres. The course is recognised by those Competent Person Schemes approved to offer a self certification scheme, enabling installers of unvented cylinders to self certify the installation and have CPS notify the local building control and issue a certificate of compliance to the householder.

Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment course has been designed for those responsible for the installation and maintenance of boilers, taps, showers etc. so that they are aware of the legal requirements of meeting the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP) guidance note L8, November 2000. L8 is aimed at the range of organisations, groups or self-employed individuals providing residential accommodation, who are responsible for the water system(s) in their premises, the staff, guests, customers and people working in their premises.

Water Regulations course has been designed to provide candidates with a knowledge and understanding of the Water Regulations 1999. The course will prove particularly helpful to candidates who wish to apply to join their local water authorities "Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme", or one of the plumbing competent person schemes i.e. CORGI Plumbing CPS. The course is fully recognised by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) as meeting their qualification requirements. A certificate and card will be issued to the successful candidate.

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Course Name Duration Price Enquire
Unvented Hot Water Systems ½ Day Training & ½ Day Assesstment TBA Enquire
Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment ½ Day Training & ½ Day Assesstment TBA Enquire
Water Regulation Advisory Scheme 1 Day Assesstment TBA Enquire